February 17, 2018


Traditionally considered antagonists, foes, adversaries and rivals to Superheroes, they tend to be the exact opposite of what would be considered a hero.  In short, they are the Yang to the Superheroes Yin.

Much like the heroic counterparts, Supervillains can be a costumed or uncostumed characters and they can either possess some sort of supernatural powers or not.  Most Supervillains are out for only one person; themselves and often look for ways to achieve considerable power and resources.  Once they have found considerable power and resources, they will often begin a quest for World Domination.

If the Supervillain possesses no superpowers to aid them, they will often be noted as having extreme intelligence that allows them to compete on a more even playing field with their Superhero counterparts.  No longer is the villain thought of as a bumbling fool that continually has his plans foiled by the Superheroes.

The best of the Supervillains tend to hatch complex schemes that take numerous issues to play out, with the Superheroes usually a baffled by what has just happened.

Throughout the history of Marvel comics, there have been numerous Supervillains that have become mainstream and with the introduction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I would argue that some have even eclipsed their Superhero counterpart in terms of popularity.

As time passes this list will grow and it is our hope that you find a benefit in reading them.  If you have something you would like to add to the biographies, or if you would like to write one for submission to Comicbasics.com, please send us an email at info@comicbasics.com with your intentions.


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