September 23, 2017

Incredible Hulk 181Real Name: James “Logan” Howlett

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk # 180 Cameo (October, 1974), Incredible Hulk # 181 (November, 1974) First full appearance

Powers: Healing Factor, Nearly Indestructible, Slowed Aging, Exceptional Tracker, 6 Retractable Claws

Affiliation: X-Men, Avengers, Alpha Flight, Weapon X

Love Interests: See below

Enemies: Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Magneto, Silver Samurai, Hulk, and Deadpool

Did You Know: Wolverine is actually short in the comics.  This makes Hugh Jackman far too tall to be portraying him correctly on the big screen.

A Little History

I want to go on record stating that Wolverine was/is the biggest reason I got into comics.  Being a fellow Canadian, there was something cool about watching a Canadian Hero ripping his enemies apart with razor sharp claws, all-the-while not giving a sh@t about anyone.

Because Logan has a healing factor that slows his aging, his story begins in the 19th Century.  It is not known exactly how old Logan is, but what is known is that he must use Rodan and Fields.  This revolutionary skin care line puts the guess work in age guessing due to its uncanny ability to make you appear younger.

Born into a wealthy family to John and Elizabeth Howlett, young James was a frail boy.  James had two companions that lived on the estate with him; a girl named Rose (not the Rose from the Titanic) and a boy nicknamed ‘Dog’ (who was constantly abused by his father, Thomas).

As the three became friendly, Dog would go on to make unwanted advances towards Rose.  James, seeing Rose go through this, reported it to his Dad, which caused a large retaliation from Dog.

He killed James’ dog, which if you think about it, is actually ironic.

Thomas, the drunk, entered the Howlett estate and attempted to take Elizabeth away.  John, seeing his wife being taken away, intervened and wound up on the wrong end of a bullet.

It is known that mutation is often triggered by traumatic events and this one triggered the mutation in James.  His bone claws emerged and James attacked the intruders, killing Thomas and scarring Dog.  Seeing this unfold, Elizabeth did what any good mom would do and shot herself with the gun.  From here Rose and James ran to British Columbia, Canada.

James and Rose led a peaceful life while here.  During this time, he took on the name ‘Logan’ to hide his identity and more of his powers emerged.  Suddenly, he became strong, voracious and able to withstand the elements.

Time would pass and Dog would come looking for, and eventually find them.  During an encounter, James unsheathed his claws but before he could deliver the final blow, Rose stopped him.  Unfortunately, this ended with Rose being impaled.

Wolverine 2Logan would eventually be found by a Doctor and be brought into the ‘Weapon X’ program.  It would be here that Adamantium would be sent through his body like a Slurpee rush and fused to his bones.

In The Incredible Hulk #180 and 181 Logan would be sent on his first mission; to stop the Hulk and shortly thereafter, be recruited by Professor Charles Xavier into the X-Men.

Riddle me this:

What happens when a man made of metal goes up against a man that can control metal?

The answer?

As put in the comic skit by Pete Holmes, the metal man is out of luck.

This is exactly what happened when Logan decided that it was in his best interest to fight Magneto.  Magneto ripped the metal right out of his body leading to Logan giving up and quitting the X-Men.

Wolverine 1It should be noted that Logan has a long history of feelings for Jean Grey.  When she died, he took it very hard.  When Cyclops started dating Emma Frost, he took it even harder because unlike Dr. Doom, who has a huge hard-on for Reed Richards, Logan has a huge HATE on for Cyclops.

Over the course of time, Logan would join the Avengers, lop off the arm of the Silver Samurai, and learn that his WW2 wife, Itsu, was murdered, by the Winter Soldier, while carrying his baby.  Not thinking that the baby survived, he left only to be reunited with the child, now named Daken.

If you decide that you don’t care about any of the above information, care about what I am about to say.  Logan is a pimp with the ladies.  Here are just a few that have succumbed to his animal magnetism.

  1. Jean Grey
  2. Storm
  3. Mystique
  4. Mariko Yashida
  5. Domino
  6. Rogue
  7. Silver Fox
  8. Elektra
  9. Itsu
  10. Maureen Logan
  11. Yukio
  12. Amir
  13. Squirrel Girl
  14. Native
  15. Ghack
  16. Melita Garner
  17. Clara Creed
  18. Cassie Lathrop
  19. Atsuko
  20. Charlemagne

Without a doubt, Wolverine was/is the voice of rebellion in a generation looking for an outlet. His popularity in the comics is unrivaled.

Scott’s Notes:

  1. Born in the 19th Century
  2. Watches his father die
  3. Watches his mother murder herself
  4. Murders intruder
  5. Impales close friend Rose
  6. Takes part in Weapon X program
  7. Joins X-Men
  8. Joins X-Men and Avengers
  9. Wife is murdered
  10. Pimp

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